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5 Top Car Maintenance Services that Should Never be Skipped

Well, before the arrival of the Fall season, you should think of getting your car or truck ‘fully checked’ for any kinds of defects, flaws and malfunctions. For that, you need to have a regular vehicle maintenance & servicing plan with a local car repair workshop in town that has the ‘best-in-class’ infrastructure, equipment & machinery for testing, diagnosis and calibration. It should also be a 100% certified & registered workshop with qualified mechanics. Here in Burbank, CA, there are auto repair shops where you can take your car for a full check-up and inspection, after it has clocked certain miles. We call it, ‘Preventative Maintenance’. Such regular inspections of components & systems can help save you a lot of money. So, let’s understand which are the main car maintenance services you need to opt for.

  1. Cooling Systems – Since your car has run non-stop this summer, it is important to tell and convey to your auto repair shop in Burbank, CA, to check the entire cooling system properly for any defects. It can be the coolant, hoses, radiator, cam belt, fan belt, cooling fan, water pump, etc. As you would be traveling during the Fall & Winter, it is important to get the hoses and belts checked thoroughly. They can deteriorate during the colder months, thus requiring periodic check and inspection.

  1. Brake Repair – This is again one of the most important components of your car, van or truck that you cannot ignore at any cost. It is for your safety, as well as your family’s. It is the brake shoe and the brake pad that faces the maximum wear & tear after a certain time. The surface material gets eroded, thus reducing the chances of ‘effective braking’. Therefore, you need to go to an authorized workshop that performs professional brake repair in Burbank, CA, with the help of precision instruments, or else, replace the faulty component(s).

  1. Tire Check – You always need to ensure that your car’s tires are ‘road trip ready’. It should have a proper pressure all the time, and the treads should be intact. There should be no visible wear & tear on the head of the treads. Only a licensed workshop can identify the smallest of problems, and suggest car tire services in Burbank, CA, that can enhance the longevity of the alloy wheels. It can be a tire repair (retreading) or full replacement service.

  1. Air-Conditioning System Overhaul – Your car’s AC system should always function smoothly, without any clicking noise. It should prove an effective cooling throughout your car or truck. The blower unit should also function effectively, when in winter. If there isn’t effective cooling, you need to check the main compressor unit. Therefore, an auto A/C repair in Burbank, CA, should always be done by a qualified mechanic that has got all the testing equipment & machinery.

  1. Oil Change – A vehicle owner should always go for changing the engine oil or brake oil, after 5000 miles. This is the time when the oil loses its lubrication power and viscosity. You can always refer to the owner’s manual, for the exact time of oil change or a Preventative Maintenance in Burbank, CA.

These were the 5 major car maintenance services that you cannot afford to skip at any cost. Before the arrival of the Fall Season, you need to go ahead with all these maintenance services, to keep your vehicle in a ‘running’ condition throughout the year.

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