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6 Type of ‘Car Smells’ the You Should Never Ignore

Well, when you buy a new car, the smell that comes out from the brand-new foam, plastic, cushions, covers, rubbers, etc. is loved by every car owner. But, after a considerable period of time, there are other smells that come out, which you should take note of. Mainly, the unpleasant odor that generates from the engine area and enters through the AC vents in the dashboard. These are the typical smells that you cannot afford to ignore, as that might be an indication of serious trouble. Maybe, your car is trying to tell you something, which needs to be fixed or repaired. Here in Burbank, CA, there are certified auto repair workshops that can easily diagnose the problem by understanding the different types of smell. Therefore, it becomes important to pay serious attention to the vehicle smells that originate from different areas, and thus take your car to a certified car mechanic in Burbank that can fix the problem. So, let’s identify some of the unpleasant car fragrances and odors that you need to watch out for, as an automobile owner.

  1. Burning Toast Smell – If you smell something like a burned bread toast, this could be potentially due to an electrical short circuit or as a result of overheating and burning insulation material. Do not neglect it, and rush to an auto repair shop in Burbank to get the problem identified and fixed.

  1. Gasoline (Petrol & Diesel) Vaporization Odor – When you try to start or ignite your car’s engine but it fails to do so, and thereafter you go on to smell this particular type of scent or odor, it means your car’s engine has been flooded. Call a local Burbank mechanic from an authorized service center or visit a car repair workshop in town.

  1. Heavy Pungent Smell – A very thick, viscous & pungent odor usually indicates burning gasoline or engine oil. Without any delay, you should immediately take your vehicle to a certified service center for an extensive auto repair in Burbank. In fact, such problems never go unchecked and are arrested at the very onset, when you go for a Preventative Maintenance after clocking 30k, 60 & 90k miles or after a period of 1 year.

  1. Rotten Egg Odor – This particular car smell is easy to recognize, as it is very much similar to that of burning Sulfur. It possibly indicates major issues pertaining to the catalytic converter and various other emission control devices that malfunction after a certain period. Therefore, you need to go for a regular check-up and maintenance.

  1. Sweet, Smoky & Steamy Smell – Any sweet, yet steamy odor indicates that you’ve got a leakage in the coolant device of your car or truck. Suck leaks cannot be ignored at any cost, as it might result in engine under-performance, due to overheating.

  1. Heavy Chemical Odor or Burning Resin like Smell – This is a clear sign of overheated braking components & systems. When the brake shoe & brake pad constantly works, the surface friction and the lubricants like grease present in the brakes produce such a burning smell. This means that the brakes and associated components need more lubrication. Otherwise, it can result in wear & tear.

So, these were some of the different types of car odors and smells that you need to identify as a car owner, and take your vehicle to a local service center that is fully authorized and registered. In this way, you can enhance the longevity of your car, truck, SUV or van, and drive safely on the roads. Always, safety first!