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A Preventative Maintenance After Clocking 30k & 60K Miles

If you are a car owner, it is imperative to go for a full vehicle maintenance, check-up, inspection & repair-replacement work after a few years, or after clocking a certain mileage. This helps, keeping your car in a healthy condition for years to come. A Preventative Maintenance is one such activity, carried out by an auto repair workshop or car servicing facility that looks into the easy and every component of your car, and its functioning. Here in Burbank, CA, there are a couple of certified and accredited car repair shops and auto servicing centers that help maintain the health of vehicles by conducting a periodic health check-up for a smoother ride on the city roads. You can go to one such certified workshop and get your vehicle tested and overhauled after some years of non-stop running.


What are the Main Aspects of Preventative Maintenance?


  • Checking for all the components, unwanted noise, vibrations, fluid levels, lights, brakes, tires, etc. after clocking 30k, 60k & 90k miles.

  • Having all the fluids (brake fluid, engine oil, lubricants) checked, apart from car/truck braking systems, power steering, transmission, axle, AC unit, tubeless radials & tires, wheel alignment, etc.

  • Tire Pressure Levels – when you visit an auto repair Burbank, CA, shop or a service center, always check the tire air pressure at least once in a month. This can enhance fuel efficiency, safety and maintain a proper speed while on the road.

  • Checking Lubrication – go for checking all the lubrication, starting from brakes to shock absorbers.

  • Checking the batteries and maintaining the ‘water’ level in the car batteries can ensure proper function of all the lights, horns and electrical systems.

  • Inspecting the timing belts and timing chains is always advised after your automobile or vehicle has run for a considerable mileage, and when you hear some loud vibration or noise.

  • Changing of air filters, pumps and brake oil can also enhance the efficiency of your car.

  • Similarly, go for brake repair & replacement and tire services when your car has grown old or has run in a continuous manner.


As a car owner, you need to ensure that the brake fluid, air filter, belts, engine oil, coolant, transmission are all properly maintained or replaced, whenever necessary. This is what a preventative maintenance can achieve for your aging car that has gone well beyond the 30,000 & 60,000 miles mark. This is when you need to visit a car repair shop in Burbank, CA, for checking all the auto components, including the chassis, brake pads & tires that face the maximum wear & tear.


Therefore, it is always advised to go for a Preventative Maintenance to have a healthy transmission, vehicle tuning, fully functional air-conditioning unit, proper braking systems and optimum fluid levels in the engines and brakes. You also need to go for periodic air-filter change and timing belt or timing chain replacement, if necessary. And, it is an authorized Burbank car repair shop with a team of certified car mechanics that can help you in this regard. Starting from brake repair & replacement to car AC repair, you get it all. So, why not keep your car in good shape and in a ‘running’ condition, throughout the year.