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A Quality Preventative Maintenance After 90k and 120k Miles is a Must

A “Preventative Maintenance” is a mandatory aspect, without which, your vehicle would lose in the long run, and thus fail to deliver the required performance and safety standards. Therefore, a ‘full’ or ‘complete’ car overhaul can help provide that ‘life extension’ of some sort to your aging vehicle that has run for a considerable period of time without any major overhaul & maintenance. A car owner must seriously think about servicing his/her vehicle after a 30k, 60k and 90k mile run, for almost all the major components. Starting from brakes and tires, to engine, transmission, air filter, oils & lubricants, hydraulics, fan/timing belts, rotors, sensors, etc. this can easily help regain the original performance and power. For example, an engine overhaul would look into the efficient functioning of the pistons, block, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod, engine oil, and more. Similarly, a braking system repair & replacement would consider the brake shoe, brake pad and brake fluid.


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In the city of Burbank in southern California, automobile owners are now increasingly opting for a full vehicle maintenance & servicing for attaining that original performance. It is the transmission services and overall fluid change, coupled with engine overhaul and braking system replacement that makes a definitive impact. Car owners are always advised to go for a Burbank 30k miles service to repair & replace the flaws, leakages, cracks, dents and faulty components. This is the first servicing after you have bought your car, and run it for this distance. Here, you get to know which are the parts that are mostly affected. Such as the brake shoe, brake pads, rotors, fan belt, timing chain, lights, air filter, tires and fluid levels in engines and brakes that either need repair or total replacement. Brake fluids, coolants, radiators and nitrogen fill tires also require constant monitoring. Then comes another servicing after completing 60,000 miles. It is a Burbank 60k miles service that evaluates and checks the repair & replacement done in the previous servicing. And, if further replacements are required, it is carried out by professionals.

If you are thinking to be safe on the roads, it is best advised to select a reputable workshop in LA county, and give it the opportunity to transform your worn-out vehicle. Automobile servicing is a must, to keep your car or truck in a hale & hearty shape. After such rigorous drives on the city roads and on the highways, a pit stop at a workshop becomes necessary to provide a vehicle with a ‘life extension’. And, one such Burbank 90k miles service looks into this aspect of a vehicle that has completed 90,000-100,000 miles of continuous running. Here, all the components of a car or van are checked thoroughly for efficiency. And, those that need replacement, are actually replaced by original factory units that are available with dealers. So, don’t think twice when it comes to the health of your automobile.

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