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Causes of Flat Tire and How to Avoid Such a Situation

I guess, at least once in your lifetime, you’ve experienced this problem with your car, pick-up van, truck or SUV. This is the most common incident or thing that can happen to a car owner in any part of the world. This situation can be very stressful if it happens during odd hours, especially at late nights or when it is raining or snowing. Well, there is NO way to prevent a flat tire, but regular maintenance can help prevent the occurrence of such a phenomenon on the roads. Here in Burbank, CA, there are car repair shops that provide tire repair & maintenance services that can be of great help. It is a preventative maintenance that can somewhat mitigate the problem of flat tires. You need to know the reasons and how to avoid them.


  1. Sharp Nail Like Objects on Road

There are various sharp objects like nails, pointed stones, shrapnels, broken glass, etc. that can cause a deep puncture in the tires. There are some metal objects that can be hardly seen by the naked eye.


PREVENTION – the best way to prevent such a situation without your car is to have tubeless radials or nitrogen filled tires. Else, you can totally avoid those roads that have a lot of debris spread around a vast area.


  1. Road Condition

Poor road conditions like potholes, metal sewage cover, uneven pavements can be a nightmare for any city driver. This not only causes tire wear & tear, but also results in broken axles and suspensions.


PREVENTION – safe driving and being careful on the roads can help avoid potholes and steer away from uneven surfaces.


  1. Over Inflated Tires

Excess air pressure in the tires can result in bursting of tires, thus can cause serious accidents on the busy road when you’re driving at high speed.


PREVENTION – always consult with your local car repair shop in Burbank, CA, to know more about the exact tire pressure, and get your car tires filled accordingly.


  1. Wear & Tear

When you drive knowingly or unknowingly on potholes, footpaths, pavements or over uneven surfaces & metal/stone debris, there’s always a chance for flat tires.


PREVENTION – always avoid driving in these ‘grey’ areas that are filled with such uneven patches and debris. This can help enhance your car & truck tire life. Here, you also need to look at the proper tire pressure, and when to speed-up and slow down, without any sudden braking.


  1. Valve Leakage

Even though the tire may not have any visible signs of leakage or puncture, the tire may go flat. This is the sign of a leakage in the valve stem. It needs to be repaired immediately.


PREVENTION – whenever you visit a certified auto repair shop in Burbank, CA, as your local car mechanic to check the stem valve for any leakages.


So, after learning about all the major causes and reasons leading to a flat tire, I guess it would now be easier for you to prevent such frequent occurrences of flat tire on city roads. This can be a life save for your and your family, and at the same time lessen your repair costs.