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Regular Checks & Brake Repair for your Aging Vehicle is a Mandatory

Automotive brake repair & replacement is one of the most important activities or tasks that you must keep in mind, after your car has run for a considerable mileage without any proper check, inspection or servicing. In the area of brakes, the most common problems are, brake pad and brake shoe wear & tear. A brake pad is an essential component of disc brakes. And, since they tend to absorb a lot of heat, it is prone to frequent damage, corrosion and wear & tear. Here in Burbank, CA, there are certified and accredited car repair shops in town that can help understand and rectify any issue regarding the brakes of your car, truck or pick-up van with ease. So, you can contact them for any and all problems arising in the car braking system. They can carry out checks and inspections on a regular basis.


Types of Brake Pad Wear & Tear


A brake pad of a vehicle is designed to apply pressure to the rotor of the brake, in order to immediately stop a car in case of an emergency situation. But, if it has an uneven surface and has corroded material, the efficiency decreases. This is the time when you need to think of a brake repair in Burbank, CA, or a complete braking system replacement. To be precise, a brake pad replacement in this situation. In some other cases, brake shoe replacement. The types of wear & tear are as following:


  • The outer pad wear occurs when these brake pads continue to ride on the rotors, even after the release of the caliper.
  • The inner pad wear occurs when a worn out or damaged seal obstructs the piston of a caliper to return to its rest position.
  • When the resistance material is worn out in a horizontal or vertical wedge pattern.
  • An increased amount of friction can result in having a worn-out brake pad.


Signs of a Faulty Brake Pad


When you notice these early signs, you need to take your car, truck or van to an auto repair shop in Burbank, CA, or in a city where you reside. Brake pads are susceptible to frequent damage and constant wear & tear due to rough and rash driving. And, also due to constant application of brakes. So, you should not ignore the signs and schedule an appointment with an experienced mechanic or a car repair shop in town. The prominent signs are:


  • A loud thumping sound or vibration, or for that matter, a vague grinding noise which indicates a major wear & tear of the metal surface.
  • When the brake pedal feels super soft or extra hard, or when the car feels like hauling on to one particular side, when applying the brakes.
  • When you hear a high-pitched screeching sound or noise, after applying the brakes. This happens, when the metallic shim erodes from its surface.
  • Also when you hear squealing and clicking noises when you press the brake pedals softly.


Therefore, it is always advised to go for a periodic and regular check-up of the car braking system, especially the brake shoe and brake pad, which are the two main components. After your car has clocked a certain mileage, it is better to get your brakes and tires checked at a certified car repair Burbank, CA, workshop, as they’ve got expert mechanics.