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Burbank Auto AC Repair

An auto AC unit repair service for helping you enjoy your driving, even in the hot and arid Californian summer months, by experiencing the cool & pleasant flow of air inside your car.

We’re specialists in auto AC repair services in Burbank, CA, as we go on to repair and replace the compressor unit of your car’s air conditioning system and also check for other defects. It can be a clicking or humming noise from the AC vents, decreased cooling effect, foul smell or complete malfunction, we’re here to look after all such issues related to your car’s air-conditioning system.

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    Burbank Auto Air Conditioning Service & Repair

    Burbank Motor Works is one name that is synonymous with auto AC repair in Burbank, CA. Any complex car AC repair service is performed with utmost precision and perfection. Our air conditioning repair & replacement service is for all makes and brands of cars, trucks, SUVs & pick-up vans. It can either be an auto A/C repair or new A/C installation, we’re experts in all. After all, this is one important aspect of any vehicle or car that cannot be ignored, especially if you’re residing in a hbot & arid region where summer temperature can cross the 100 degree mark. And, hot California summers make one such car AC maintenance Burbank, a much desired activity.

    Our Burbank auto AC repair team are exceptionally trained professionals that know their trade like the back of their hands. Whether it is a car AC vent repair or compressor maintenance, they carry out the task with a high degree of professionalism. When the air inside your car is cool, it produces a soothing feeling for you and family riding in it.

    If you are looking for auto AC repair near you think about an expert like us. We know everything about automobile air-conditioning unit repair, service & maintenance, with years of experience in this exclusive service domain.

    Heating & Cooling System Diagnostics

    Complete maintenance of car heating & cooling items for enhanced air-circulation & temperature regulation.

    Auto Air Conditioning Repair & Service

    Performing all types of automobile AC repair work & maintenance with advanced tools and devices.

    Heating System Repair & Service

    Technicians are fully aware about the need for having a ‘fail-proof’ car heating system, especially during winters.

    Belt Repair & Replacement

    Not just fan belt repair, our mechanics specialize in A/C compressor belt replacement of cars, vans & trucks.

    Compressor Repair & Replacement

    Providing all types of automobile A/C compressor unit repair, maintenance and overhaul in a record time.

    Evaporator Repair & Replacement

    Specializing in A/C evaporator repair & replacement technique that is essential for a frost-free view.

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    For queries related to auto servicing

      Burbank Air Conditioning Repair Service by a Professional

      We know everything about car A/C repair & replacement services in Burbank, CA. All heating & cooling systems repair work is done by our qualified professionals that are specialists in the trade. Therefore, look no further when your car requires a much needed air conditioning unit replacement after years of continuous running. After all, it is about the comfort of your family. We know your car in & out and help it obey all your orders and commands.

      If your car A/C needs a maintenance, overhaul or replacement, contact Burbank Motor Works, for transforming it into a new and powerful machine, with all the latest features, additions and upgrades.

      An Expert for Auto AC Repair, Maintenance & Overhaul

      We’re a full-service car repair shop, offering the best-in-class Burbank air conditioning service and repair through our team of qualified engineers and AC unit servicing professionals. We first diagnose the problem, look for the underlying cause, identify the problematic area or defective component and thereafter carry out the necessary auto AC Burbank maintenance work.

      When your car becomes old, it is the AC unit that becomes weak and lacks the cooling power due to an aging compressor. This is exactly when we step into the scene, providing our customized solutions in the area of car AC repair, maintenance or overhaul. We change all the faulty components with genuine factory-fitted spares, and make it work like a new unit. This is how you can enjoy a comfortable summer long drive in your car or SUV, with your family.

      Our expertise in car AC Burbank service is known to all individual vehicle owners and large commercial fleet owners in this city that have visited our workshop and had a look at our service infrastructure. We have one of the finest car diagnostic facilities, with all the latest equipment and machinery, apart from a team of highly skilled Burbank mechanics and engineers. This is what makes us the first choice auto repair shop in town.

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