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Burbank BMW Service

An approved & certified Burbank BMW car repair shop, specializing in repairing all models of cars & SUVs of this particular German brand. Perform brake repair, preventative maintenance & tire services. We provide a ‘one-stop’ solution for all your BMW car problems, especially when it comes to a BMW repair service in Burbank, CA. We’re a fully certified and accredited auto repair shop for repairing BMW cars of all models like the N54, N55, S55, B58, 135i, 335i, 535i, 340i, N20, E46, E90, M6, X5, F80 M3, F82 M4, and so on. Any issues with transmission, tuning, tires, body paint, AC compressor unit, engine oil, brake fluids, filters, rotors or any other component, get in touch immediately with our Burbank BMW mechanics.

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    BMW Car Repair & Service Center in Burbank, CA

    At Burbank Motor Works, we specialize in repairing BMW cars & SUVs, whether it is the older models or the latest CRDi technology, full automatic transmission, as well as the hybrid ones. With our qualified BMW car mechanics in Burbank, CA, we offer services like Preventative Maintenance, which is done after your car has clocked a certain mileage. This precisely looks into every aspect and component of your vehicle, which is responsible for a smooth run. We offer Burbank BMW service for all available models

    What we offer in our exclusive BMW car service shop:

    • Handle complicated & complex BMW repairs.
    • BMW engine complete overhaul & diagnostic.
    • BMW transmission services.
    • BMW car brake repair & replacement.
    • BMW car tire replacement services & tire pressure checking.
    • BMW car AC repair services (factory fitted AC units).
    • Inspecting BMW fuel injection systems.
    • Checking BMW car exhausts and catalytic convertors.

    We look into 3 major areas, while servicing BMW cars and SUVs: Under the Car, Under the Hood and Tires & Wheels, apart from checking brake & engine oil levels and lubricants.

    BMW Car Models That We Repair & Service:

    • BMW N54
    • BMW N55
    • BMW S55
    • BMW B58
    • BMW 135i
    • BMW 335i
    • BMW 340i
    • BMW 535i
    • BMW N20
    • BMW E46
    • BMW E90
    • BMW M6
    • BMW X5
    • BMW F80 M3
    • BMW F82 M4

    Common BMW Problems

    Cooling System Malfunction

    Your car’s engine cooling system is an important component, but even with the technical advancements BMW has tried to improve performance. But most BMW car engine cooling systems fail after some years into service. Most repair shops that work on BMW cars receive complaints regarding engine overheating. This is majorly caused by a faulty water pump or the coolant leaking. A qualified automotive technician at our shop can help you identify some of the problems with your BMW.

    Oil Leakages

    Even though it is not a  major issue with all the latest BMW models, oil leakages are quite regular and  common problems with your older “Beamers”, aka BMWs. Most of the time, oil leaks that are encountered with BMWs are mainly arising from the valve corners or in the transmission system. It may also be due to a damaged or faulty fuel pump. Often, oil leaks in BMWs are noticed through a pool of oil under the car at the front, while in a parking bay or in a running mode.

    Vibrating Steering Wheel

    This is another common problem with almost all BMW models when cruising at top speeds. While driving, the steering wheel may start to shake, especially when you apply the brakes. This can be truly annoying as well as risky, as it can lead to an accident. In a majority of cases, a shaking or vibrating steering wheel in a BMW is a signal of thrush arm bushing issue. It is a suspension system or component, known to fail a lot of times after clocking 75k miles.

    Tail Lamp Issue

    Even expert Burbank mechanics have not been able to explain the real reason behind the failure for tail lamps, but instead put the onus on poor connection during factory assembly. You might notice the check rear lamp sign on your BMW dashboard, as early as a couple of weeks after buying the car. So, repair & maintenance, always trust an authorized auto repair shop to perform repairs on your Beamer. If you need BMW repair, we can be the perfect place to bring your car.

    BMW Dealership Service

    We offer a comprehensive BMW dealership service that helps you fix your car and restore its performance. We run a thorough diagnostic check on the car to identify the real issue. Then we give you a detailed and transparent quote. When you agree, the work would begin. Once we are done, we would check the car thoroughly and consider it to be fixed, when it doesn’t have a single issue.

    We have experience in repairing as well as fixing current as well as discontinued BMW models. Whether you have a wheel alignment issue with your 3 series or any electric issue with your swanky i7, we help you with it all. We use fully certified OEM aftermarket parts that give you the same level of performance and reliability that a brand-new car delivers. Contact us today and get rid of the hassles of repairing your BMW car.

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    For queries related to auto servicing

      Why Choose Our Burbank BMW Repair Shop?

      Our exclusive BMW car repair shop in Burbank, CA, is for all the latest BMW cars of different models that are facing issues with any of their components or systems. People choose our BMW repair service because:

      • Precision BMW car diagnostic & engine inspection service
      • Multi-point full car inspection & computerized safety check
      • Warranty on all the new BMW car parts or components installed
      • Dedicated BMW customer support
      • Latest car testing facilities & wheel alignment
      • Dedicated paint shop & dent repair facility
      • Qualified & certified BMW mechanics

      Call us now at 818-848-1656 and get to know more about our BMW car repair services in Burbank that we perform on luxury sedans & SUVs that have either become old, met with an accident or have suffered extensive damage.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      All BMW cars & SUVs must replace their fuel or oil filters, anywhere between 40,000 – 50,000 miles. It is absolutely vital for a trouble-free engine performance. Here, you can consult with your BMW mechanic that works with a certified BMW auto repair shop in Burbank.

      First, you need to determine how old your BMW car’s battery is by looking at the manufacturing & warranty date printed on it. You need to change your BMW battery after 3 to 5 years depends on how your battery performing.

      For all BMW car owners, you first need to carry out a full inspection of your braking systems from an accredited BMW mechanic or a certified workshop. BMW brake pads usually last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles depending on your driving style.

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