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Porsche Repair In Burbank

At Burbank Motor Works, we offer complete solutions for your Porsche repair in Burbank. The team specializes in repairing & servicing all models of this reputed automobile manufacturer. The technicians can fix any problem with sports cars, & SUVs, and Sedans. We repair the complete range of Porsche models from 911 & 718, Porsche Taycan, or the Porsche Cayenne. The problems could range from issues with transmission to wheel alignment, or the AC compressor unit could malfunction. You can get in touch, and every problem with your vehicle should see a resolution.

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    Porsche Car Repair & Service Center In Burbank, CA

    Our Porsche car repair team specializes in handling luxury Porsche vehicles and will do everything to restore your car’s glory. They can repair everything from the older models to the latest hybrid versions.

    Our motor workshop in Burbank is a modern facility equipped with high-end gadgets to diagnose any problem the car may be facing. The mechanics are ASE- certified, and you will feel confident to let the team handle your Porsche vehicle. Here is a guide on the services you can expect for your Porsche car.

    • Repairing the brake
    • Exhaust repair
    • Wheel alignment
    • Oil change
    • Tune-ups
    • Steering and suspension issues

    Porsche Models That We Repair And Service

    • 718 Boxter Style
    • 718 Cayman T
    • 718 Boxter T
    • 718 Cayman S
    • 718 Boxter S
    • 718 Cayman GTS 4.0
    • 718 Spyder
    • 911 Carrerra
    • 911 Carrerra Cabriolet
    • 911 Turbo
    • 911 Turbo S
    • 911 GT3

    Common Porsche Problems

    Coolant Leaking

    If coolant leaking develops on your Porsche, you will not face any classic symptoms of the liquid dripping on your garage floor. It is because the seal is located in the center of the engine inside the valley. Hence, if you own a Porsche, it is crucial to get routine checks done on the cooling systems by an experienced mechanic. In addition, there could be symptoms in the form of musty smells from the engine. These issues are typical for the Porsche Boxter 986.

    Steering And Suspension Problems

    Steering and suspension problems are more common for Porsche. The ABS electronic module failure is expected for this vehicle, but it is feasible to replace or rebuild them. The CV joints cause normal wear & tear. The mechanics will check the grease & boots for tears and cracks.

    Excessive Smoke Coming Out

    You would hate to see excessive smoke coming from your car, but there should not be much to worry about. It is perhaps because of excessive oil fills or a faulty oil separator. Often the timing chain failures due to worn-out issues could lead to such a state, and you need to show it to a mechanic.

    Transmission Problems

    Transmission problems occur more frequently for your Porsche. You could experience a grinding sound while shifting, and this is because of worn-out synchros. If you own a Porsche, it is vital to ensure that transmission servicing happens at regular intervals.

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    For queries related to auto servicing

      Why Choose Us For Your Porsche Repair?

      Here are some reasons you would want to fall back on us, Burbank Motor Works, for your Porsche repairs.

      • The team has vast experience in handling repairs & servicing for an extensive range of Porsche models. In addition, the facility has the proper equipment for testing and dealing with any complex problems your car may face.
      • Dedicated Porsche customer support team
      • A dedicated paint team and dent repairing facility.
      • You will get a work warranty for any service and repairs the team does.
      • Pick up and drop facilities for your vehicle servicing.

      FAQs On Porsche Repair Services

      It will depend upon the specific service you seek for your vehicle. A standard service could take about 4 to 5 hours.

      Yes, we recommend you schedule an appointment so that we can allocate a technician quickly to diagnose your problem.

      The wheel alignment will be necessary after 25,000 miles of commuting.

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