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Burbank Auto Repair

Complete car repair & maintenance services from an expert that has years of experience in repairing car damages, malfunctions & issues for all models and brands.

We’re an accredited workshop for general auto repair services in Burbank, offering an array of car repair & maintenance for all components, systems and Burbank auto parts. Whether it is a car diagnostic service, system overhaul, components replacement or any other vehicle related problems, we are able to perform the job in a precise, flawless and professional manner.

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    Car Repair & Maintenance In Burbank, CA

    Everything and anything about car repair services has been mastered Burbank Motor Works, which is a premier Burbank auto repair workshop. It can either be transmission repair, general repair, hybrid repair, emission testing, check engine light issue, car inspection, oil change, collision repair, auto glass repair, and so on. Or for that matter, a car diagnosis, auto body repair, car window repair or full vehicle servicing, we’re the one stop place in Burbank, CA, to contact. Burbank Motor Works is always up for the task. We’ve got more than 40 years of experience in this exclusive service domain.

    Think about a radiator repair & replacement, axle / CV Joint Repair, automatic or manual transmission repair, chassis strengthening, suspension repair services, four wheel drive systems repair, ABS system installation, etc. we are a call away. Our experts in general auto repair services in Burbank, CA, consists of welders, fitters, turners, machinists and car electricians that are proficient in their respective trade. Anything about car maintenance services in Burbank and we’re the local workshop to roll-in with your old and damaged car and get it fully restored to its original factory condition.

    Brake Services

    Repairing & replacing front disc brakes, drum brakes, brake shoe, ABS, changing brake fluid, and more.

    Diagnosis and Evaluation Services

    Diagnosis and evaluation services by our experts for smooth functioning of a vehicle.

    Axle / CV Joint Repair (FWD)

    Car Axle / CV Joint repair & replacement is carried out by a team of qualified auto mechanics.

    Automatic Transmission Repair

    Providing hi-tech solutions for automatic transmission repair & maintenance services.

    Manual Transmission Repair

    Highly effective vehicle manual transmission repair services by proven experts.

    Radiator Repair/Replacement

    Our gifted auto experts provides quality radiator repair & replacement services.

    Clutch Repair Service

    Our clutch repair services could prevent a manual transmission breakdown for your car.

    Four Wheel Drive Systems

    Our trusted car mechanics provides four wheel drive system repair services in Burbank.

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    For queries related to auto servicing

      Auto Repair & Car Servicing in Burbank

      Any type of complex car maintenance services, which involves car diagnostic, equipment & component testing and preventative maintenance after clocking certain mileage is done at Burbank Motor Works. You can always call us at 818-848-1656 to know more about our Burbank auto repair service, as performed by specialist and experienced mechanics in town. It is not only full car repair, but engine overhaul, transmission services dent & collision repair too.

      With in-house car mechanics in Burbank and automobile service engineers, this workshop performs all kinds of complex car repair services in Burbank, CA, that help a vehicle run smoothly and get back to its original factory settings and new condition through an extensive repair & overhaul of critical components. It is done by replacing all damaged and outdated components, auto parts & accessories, with genuine company authorized spares, which help increase the overall performance, efficiency and extend the life of an aging vehicle. Be it a car, truck, SUV or a pick-up van. In this way, we provide a new lease of life to an old automobile.

      All kinds of vehicle servicing, tune-ups or car repair in Burbank, CA, this is the local auto workshop & service center, with all the latest infrastructure, equipment and car diagnostic facilities, in-place. You roll-in with a damaged, old & worn-out vehicle and roll-out with a brand new car, in a matter of days. This is how the factory-trained mechanics transform an accident damaged or an old vehicle of the 70s or 80s into a roaring machine, all set to rule the roads and make its presence felt.

      Auto Repair Services in Burbank

      While shortlisting auto repair in Burbank, option for one that has the reputation of providing quality service at a competitive price. Only choose an exclusive workshop & car service center that caters to the vehicle servicing needs of all car and fleet owners. Whatever the model or brand, there’re experts that diagnose the problem of your car in minutes, and come up with a credible solution.

      Avail our professional auto repair services in Burbank, as as provided by experienced car mechanics and automobile service engineers that know how to fix all kinds of complex car issues and faults in critical components.

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