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Ford Mechanics Burbank

Our Burbank Ford car repair services help all individual car and fleet owners get the best ‘value-for-money’, as we offer full maintenance & overhaul services. An exclusive Ford car repair shop in Burbank, CA, using the latest technology and diagnosis methods. We repair all models of Ford cars, including the Mustang, Everest, Escape, EcoSport, Expedition, Explorer, Endeavor, C-Max, Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, Ranger, Indigo, GT 90, Evos, Atmos, etc . We’re experts in restoring all Ford models, as we’ve access to original company parts that we go on to replace, during our process of Ford auto repair in Burbank, CA. We specialize in repairing all kinds of Ford cars, trucks, SUVs & pick-up vans.

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    Ford Car Repair & Service Center in Burbank, CA

    Our Ford mechanics Burbank is considered to be a highly professional one, as we use the latest repair techniques and car diagnostic methods for finding out the underlying cause and initiate appropriate action. This is how we repair either an individual car or a full fleet. We have all the modern testing, overhaul, servicing & car diagnostic infrastructure in-place for any model Ford car repair in Burbank, especially when it comes to cars, pick-up vans, off roaders, minivans, SUVs & trucks.

    What we offer at our exclusive Ford car service shop:

    • Handle complicated & complex Ford
    • Ford engine complete overhaul & diagnostic.
    • Ford automobile transmission services.
    • Ford car brake repair & replacement.
    • Ford car tune-up services.
    • Ford car AC repair services (factory fitted AC units).
    • Inspecting Ford car fuel injection systems.

    Ford Car Models That We Repair & Service:

    • Ford Mustang
    • Ford Everest
    • Ford Escape
    • Ford Expedition
    • Ford Explorer
    • Ford EcoSport
    • Ford Endeavor
    • Ford C-Max
    • Ford Fiesta
    • Ford Focus
    • Ford Fusion van
    • Ford Ranger
    • Ford Evos
    • Ford Indigo
    • Ford Atmos
    • Ford GT90

    Common Ford Car Problems

    Ignition System Failure

    Ignitioning system problems can leave you stranded in a remote stretch of road. If you’re facing issues starting your Ford car, it might be an issue with the ignition coils. The coils are situated over the plug, which results in the boot malfunctioning. This generates the spark in the inner well, instead of the plug. When this issue crops up, starting the vehicle becomes a big headache. On top of that, the fluid can invade the spark plug well, which can cause the internal components to malfunction.

    Failed Spark Plugs

    On an average, a Ford car spark plugs last between 100k-120k miles. Unfortunately, almost all Ford vehicles with the 5.4 triton engine that were manufactured before 2005 had this common spark plug issue. The problem became so frequent and regular with all Ford car owners that spare parts manufacturers sold kits that would help rectify the problem. Auto mechanics are still puzzled into why this happens, but be aware that this problem does exist and can be a factor in why your Ford doesn’t start.

    Camshaft Phaser Issue

    A camshaft phaser is a customizable camshaft sprocket which helps the timing valve, by using the pressure of engine oil. This feature enhances driveability, power and helps in achieving increased horsepower. When the camshaft phaser system malfunctions, you can hear a loud rattling noise. This is exactly when the cam phaser suffers wear & tear and damage, thus reducing driveability.

    Fuel Injection

    This is a common problem in almost all Ford cars with EcoBoost engines. This fuel injection problem occurs when carbon accumulates in the valves of the engine. The main reason here is with direct fuel injection. Some gas gets inefficiently burnt up, which eventually harms the Ford engine. Ford came to know about this problem and has rectified the design of their 3.5L and 2.7L EcoBoost engines. If you own a Ford car that is 2018 or older, the first thing to look for, is the fuel injection system.

    Ford Dealership Mechanic

    Finding the right company for repairing Ford machines is tough since they manufacture a wide variety of cars from hatchbacks to pickups as well as muscle cars. You can find cars that still run the classic Ford 300 inline-six as well as the latest and most advanced V8 engines. Similar differences also exist in drivetrains and other mechanics.

    This is why you need to get the services from a reliable Ford dealership mechanic in Burbank. We love all things Ford and that shows in our work. Not only does our team have a superior level of technical know-how about Ford engines and their technology, we are also able to source the right parts from the biggest dealers across the country in no time. So, whether you are looking to repair your classic Mustang from the 70s or the latest F150 pickup truck, we help you with it all.

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    For queries related to auto servicing

      Why Choose Our Burbank Ford Repair Shop?

      We’re a specialist Ford car repair workshop in Burbank, CA, that has huge experience in restoring old Ford cars, vans & trucks in its original factory condition. Call us now at 818-848-1656 and get to learn more about our Ford car repair  in town.

      It is for the practical reasons that are mentioned below why people choose our Ford auto service:

      • Precision Ford car diagnostic & engine inspection service
      • Improved cost-efficiency & value-for-money
      • Multi-point Ford car inspection & computerized safety checks
      • Use of genuine company approved lubricants, oils and Ford spare parts
      • Warranty on all the new Ford car parts or components installed
      • Latest car testing facilities & wheel alignment for all Ford models
      • Dedicated paint shop, bumper repair & dent repair facility
      • Qualified & certified in-house Ford mechanics

      Frequently Asked Questions

      For all Ford car owners, you first need to carry out a full inspection of your braking systems from an experienced Ford auto mechanic or a certified workshop. Your brake pads may last up to 70,000 miles

      All Ford cars must replace their oil filters, anywhere between 20,000 – 30,000 miles. It is absolutely vital for a trouble-free engine performance.

      You need to change your Ford car battery after every three to five years. For some cases it’s last upto seven years.

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