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Wheel Alignment in Burbank

Ensuring a timely service for wheel alignment in Burbank improves your tire’s performance and longevity. Your vehicle is constantly hitting potholes & bumps and being driven on uneven surfaces. This is the cause of the problem, so the wheel needs to be aligned as early as possible. You will also need to seek a service for tire alignment in Burbank because there is constant coordination between the tire and the wheel.

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    What Is Wheel Alignment?

    Wheel alignment refers to the angle of your car’s wheels compared to each other and your vehicle’s body. The adjustment to the wheel will take place by altering the vehicle’s suspension. Therefore, experts recommend you get a basic check for wheel alignment after every 10,000 Km of commuting.

    Moreover, if you face problems handling your vehicle at any stage, this check must be done at our motor workshop in Burbank.

    At Burbank Motor Works, we have been helping local vehicle owners who have problems with misaligned wheels. It is a technical issue, and you can bring it to our workshop for a smooth diagnosis. Let us understand the problems and some symptoms your vehicle could suffer.


    Toe-In/Toe Out

    This is the kind of front-end alignment where only the front axle is measured and adjusted. It is done on cars with a solid rear axle.


    Thrust Angle

    A thrust angle alignment makes sure that all four wheels of your car are “squared” with each other. It helps you to improve fuel economy and safety.


    Four Wheel Alignment

    This is for cars with 4WD. It has the elements of the toe in alignment and also measures and positions the rear axle angles.



    Camber is the angle of the wheel relative to the vertical of the vehicle and can be positive or negative camber, with both having their uses.



    A caster is the forward or backward slope of a line through the upper and lower steering pivot points. It balances steering effort, high-speed stability, and cornering effectiveness.

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    For queries related to auto servicing

      Does Your Vehicle Needs A Service For Wheel Alignment In Burbank?

      The angles of your wheels can become skewed over a while and will tend to create the problem. The driving experience will only be pleasant if your vehicle wheels are aligned. The key will be understanding some early indicators of the problem and bringing your vehicle to our Burbank motor workshop.

      Here are some signs that indicate your car wheel needs alignment.

      • There could be camber problems that refer to the inward & outward angle of the tire. You could see it standing in front of the vehicle. Is there too much inward or outward tilt of the wheels?
      • If so, it indicates that the wheel needs alignment, and you must seek professional help. You could face a positive or negative camber depending on the tire’s position.
      • Your vehicle could also be facing toe alignment problems. This happens when the wheel and tire turn inward or outward when viewed from an altitude. Again, this problem could only come to the forefront when you get a bird’s view of the vehicle from a height.
      • Is your vehicle facing issues of uneven tread wear? This issue will come to the forefront as you scrutinize your car. The signs of tear & wear should be equal for all wheels.
      • If you find that some wheels are worn out on different sides & angles, then it means that there could be wheel alignment problems.
      • Is your vehicle pulling in different directions as you are steering behind the wheels? The car losing traction is another indicator that you are facing problems with misaligned wheels.
      • You could also hear the sounds of the tire squealing at the time of turning.

      The Problem Needs An Urgent Diagnosis

      Your vehicle wheels not aligned could lead to a major issue and needs an instant fix. Here are certain things that can happen if you leave the problem unattended.

      Accidents are always possible if the vehicle pulls in different directions as you steer it. You are not getting the optimal direction, which could lead to accidents.

      The situation could also lead to untimely tire wire.

      These are situations when you will be using too much fuel, and it is a waste of crucial resources.

      The problem could deteriorate further and lead to worn-out brakes.


      Here, you have been adequately briefed on the importance of wheel and tire alignment. However, if you ever notice any sign that your vehicle wheels need alignment, you must seek help from any reputed motor workshop in Burbank.

      You can always count on us, Burbank Motor Works to diagnose any problems related to your prized car.

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