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Burbank Dealership Mechanic

Authorized Burbank dealership mechanic for all cars is now at your fingertips, ensured by our team of trained professionals!

We are an authorized automotive service centre dedicated to providing skilled and authentic car repair services for all makes and models. Get the experience of expert car repair services to restore your ride to its former glory with a team of certified crew members whom you can trust to take care of your vehicle.

If you are facing any issues with your car then we have a solution for it! Our focus is always on high-quality workmanship and excellent customer support. Get detailed car inspection reports on all your automobile complexities at our car repair shop. Whether you need oil change for your car engine or require brake repairs, you can rely on us to get the assistance you need to solve the problem accurately the first time.

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    Why Burbank Dealership Mechanic Service?

    Maintenance and repair of your car have become easier than ever, now that the ultimate authorized Burbank dealership mechanic service for all types of vehicles is here in your city!

    Discover the joys of servicing a car at a dealership mechanic shop certified by ASI and Repair Pal. No more going to generic repair stores for critical problems. Now get exclusive car service at Burbank Motor Works which only uses repair parts and tools prescribed by the official car manufacturer of your automobile to get your car back in shape.

    We aim to bring you a one-stop Burbank dealership mechanic solution for all possible car problems.

    What Are The Basic Works We Cover In Our Dealership Service?

    Here is a list of everything that will be taken care of by our professional teams when you bring your car to our care.

    • Cam timing belt
    • Brake
    • Clutch
    • Air conditioning
    • Electrical health
    • AI health
    • Oil, filter, and drain
    • Wheel adjustment
    • Tire balancing and repair
    • Headlamp fixing and alignment
    • Post-accident care

    Other Dealership Mechanic Services We Provide

    At Burbank Motor Works, the following are the major services that we do:

    We Check And Adjust All Fluid Levels

    Get a fluid level check and adjustment that goes beyond just the preliminary test. We strictly follow the measurement guidelines recommended by the service manual and make sure that you as a car owner are also made aware of it

    Tire Inspection For Alignment And Inflation

    Did you know that alignment is just as important as inflation for a good grip? Even if you did, how to make sure your mechanic is providing you with a thorough check? At our Burbank dealership mechanic shop, we go through a step-by-step process of tire inspection.

    Replaced Spark Plugs

    Get your spark plugs replaced with the latest models at our service centre whenever you walk in. No wait, no hesitation – you can even get it done within two back-to-back appointments!

    Replace Air Filter

    The health of the filters in your car are determinant of how well they will perform. Get your air filters checked whenever required and have them replaced with brand new ones so that the optimum condition of your car is always maintained.

    Replace Fuel Filters

    Just like air filters the replacement of fuel filters is also crucial for the health of your car. Understanding that, our Burbank dealership mechanic service has an entire segment of professionals dedicated to filtering and coolant replacements.

    Replace The Coolant

    don’t overlook the health of your coolant. This simple thing can often be considered as the core of your car’s long-term performance, as just like humans your automobile also requires an optimal temperature to perform at its finest.

    Replace Your Transmission Fluid

    the transmission fluid might be the reason why your entire engine feels fatigued. The good news is, that transmission fluid replacement is a remarkably simple process that can be done without any hassle at Burbank Motor Works.

    Replace Valve Cover Gasket

    the valve cover replacement process might have placed you on the edge of your seat but there is nothing to worry about! Gasket cover replacements are done at our Burbank dealership service centre using authenticated parts from the car manufacturer themselves.

    Replace The Brake Fluid

    fluids are what run your automobile, just as they are what run you. And since the health of your car is just as important for you as any other family member, at our dealership mechanic shop we make sure none of our technicians forgets that. Get your brake fluids replaced without a single worry at our car repair garage.

    Battery Inspection

    we follow every step and pay attention to crucial details as provided to us by the automobile laboratories when it comes to inspection. When you get your battery inspected by us you can rest assured that nothing has been forgotten.

    Clutch Inspection And Adjustment

    get a detailed inspection of your clutch in rest and during a motion to understand where the anomaly lies. Our technicians conduct on-drive and off-drive inspections for all car parts.

    Steering Wheel And Component Inspection

    get a step-by-step inspection of the physiological constituency as well as the performance of your steering wheel and other steering components of your automobile today. Rest assured that at our Burbank dealership mechanic centre we never rush through inspections. Your safety is our priority.

    Front Brake Rotors, Calipers, And Hoses Inspection

    the devil lies in the details, and we understand that. Our inspection of any car parts is followed by a consultancy report which in turn will be followed up with your consent with adjustment, preparation, or replacement depending on the situation.

    Rear Brakes Inspection And Adjustment

    get your car’s rear brakes inspected at length by our professional team upon which we will come up with a detailed report of everything that can be done to make your car better. We also offer on-spot adjustment and trials.

    Parking Brake Inspection And Adjustment

    why would you go to a generic repair store to have your automobile’s parking brakes inspected? Choose instead a mechanic centre dedicated just to this task. Our professionals are trained with specific automobile knowledge so that they can give you the best results.

    Lube Your Locks And Hinges

    nothing is too small or too trivial to be treated immediately at Burbank Motor Works. Do not wait any longer for a locks and Hinges inspection and lubrication – we will tend to your needs immediately.

    Get PCV Valve Checked

    what would it be like if you had an entire team dedicated to your PCV valve whose entire education had been for your specific car itself? Now get your car’s PCV valve under the care of people who understand it. No more worries, and no wrong results!

    Get Lights Horns And Wipers Checked

    your car needs to be in top condition always. Understanding this we have prepared for you the best inspection and adjustment package for your lights horns and wipers. Contact us today to know more!

    Drive Belt And Suspension Inspection

    when you are at our Burbank dealership mechanic service centre, you always have the option of choosing not one or two but various teams of technicians to have different parts of your car inspected. From drive belts to suspensions, nothing is out of our scope of evaluation!

    Drive Axles And Exhaust System Inspection

    get a detailed drive axle and exhaust system inspection that brings out precise results on the state of your automobile. Follow it up with a timely and affordable repair package so that your car can be as good as new within the least possible time.

    Reset Maintenance Warning Light

    reset your maintenance warning light without any unnecessary weight or added charges at Burbank Motor Works. Find for yourself a solution that works whenever you come to our technicians for anything big or small!

    Towing Services

    if you ever need your car picked up by authorized mechanics and brought to our car care centre, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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    For queries related to auto servicing

      Why Should You Choose Us As Your Burbank Dealership Mechanic?

      There are many reasons why you should choose us as your prime auto repair expert in Burbank. The list is endless.

      • More Personalized care – If you would like the standard you would probably expect from the dealership, you have found it. We know our customers; we treat our customers as family members.
      • Fast Service – We understand that you want your car back on the road as soon as possible. We have the right staff, the tools, and the parts to make sure this happens.
      • Certified Mechanics – All our ASI-certified mechanics have undergone special training that makes them eligible to be the automobile specialists that you are looking for.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      It depends completely on your preferences. You should not hurriedly make a decision based on quotes. Rather it would be prudent to check what is included in the service. The service point should be ASE certified and they must be familiar with the make or model of the vehicle.

      Vehicle owners are comfortable getting the repairs done at the dealer point because you get technicians who are specialized in the specific vehicle model. The work is done as per the manufacturer’s specifications. This does not mean that you rule out the other option completely. I have personally used both these options. For basic work, I rely upon the neighborhood mechanic, but if the job is technical and there is a need for a warranty, I fall back on the services of the dealer.

      The mechanics will not want you to watch the maintenance service provided to your four-wheeler. Do you understand the sparks and fire coming out of the vehicle? I have the experience of standing under a lift and watching the mechanics at work. I did not have any clue about what they were doing. It makes no sense to watch the work and you would be better off spending time in a meaningful way.

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