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Shocks, Struts, And Suspension Repair Service In Burbank

At Burbank Motor Works, we are ready to cater to the needs of local vehicle owners who need shocks & struts, and suspension repair service in Burbank. These systems in your vehicle keep it going smoothly until they break and that is the moment, you are in for a rough ride. We are full-service shocks, struts, and suspension repair center operating in Burbank City. The team has the experience to handle every issue big or small. An ASE-certified auto mechanic will be doing the necessary repairs and as a team, we are committed to delivering the results. Our team can offer the service for cars & trucks, vans, and SUVs. Beyond executing the repairs, we can also check the condition of the existing shock, struts & suspensions. This is a preventive maintenance service you are welcome to seek.

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    Car Shocks, Struts And Suspension Maintenance And Repair In Burbank

    The suspension system in your vehicle is a vital component. It helps the person driving maintain proper control and smooth the ride. If the drive is not smooth, there could be issues with your suspension systems and we are ready to look into it.

    Similar to repairing & replacing tires and conducting oil changes, you will need professional help with shocks, struts, and suspension repair services in Burbank. The suspension connects the body of the vehicle to the wheels. The suspension is made of many components and damage to it can cause problems as you start the vehicle. Any car suspension will have either shocks or struts. As a vehicle owner, you must realize that these components are not interchangeable.

    If your vehicle has struts in the suspension, you cannot interchange them with shock absorbers if worn out or broken, You will only have to replace them with new struts. The shock and struts in your vehicle are designed differently Our experienced mechanics will understand the problem after assessing your vehicle and offer long-term solutions.


    Shocks Repair & Replacement For Your Vehicle

    Repairing or replacing shock absorbers that have undergone damage from natural wear & tear, or other factors.


    Struts Repair & Replacement For Your Vehicle

    Mechanics will also execute the necessary repairs & replacements for the struts of your vehicle.


    Repair Or Replacing Other Components Of Your Car Suspension

    Our mechanical team will also execute repair or replacements for other parts of your car suspension.

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      Signs Indicating Your Vehicle Suspension Need Attention

      As a vehicle owner, you must understand the signs of suspension damage to your car. The repair hassles are negligible if the damage comes to your forefront early on. Here are some signs you need to watch out for. 

      • The car could be generating a clunking noise every time your vehicle hits a bump or it perhaps runs over a pothole.
      • Are you facing a bumpy ride? You could be facing broken or defective struts.
      • If you are facing problems with erratic braking, then it could be an issue with your suspension. This time the shock absorber will need a check.
      • A significant sign of fluid leakage indicates you could be facing suspension problems.
      • Irregular tire wire is another indication your vehicle could be facing suspension problems.

      These are some signs, which indicate your car suspension may be facing problems. You will need to consult a professional mechanic and we are ready to help out.

      Understand The Diagnosis Options For Damaged Suspensions & Struts And Shocks

      Suspension problems need a quick diagnosis, or else the matter can only escalate and could lead to accidents. Bring the vehicle to our workshop for shocks, struts, and suspension repair service in Burbank. There are two solutions we can offer you and let us discuss them.

      A Replacement

      We can change the shock observers & struts and other suspension components if we feel the damage is beyond repair. Our team can fill the struts or shocks with high-pressure nitrogen gas. This will prevent the formation of hydraulic fluid inside the shock.

      Tightening Nuts & Bolts

      This is the easy fix for vehicles having issues with suspensions. Vehicle owners should realize the nuts and bolts in the suspension often become loose and our mechanics will do the tightening on your behalf.

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