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Burbank Preventative Maintenance

A preventative maintenance service after clocking 30k, 60k & 90k miles for ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted running of your car, after years into service.

We’re offering preventative maintenance service in Burbank, CA, for all individual car owners as well as large fleet owners. In this exclusive auto service domain, we offer engine oil change, brake fluid change, air filter replacement, rotor & cambelt replacement, brake repair, wheel alignment, dent repair, suspension strengthening and a host of other car repair & maintenance services.

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    Automotive Maintenance & Repair Services In Burbank, CA

    We’re one of the popular Burbank auto repair shops in Los Angeles county that have earned the trust and recognition of our clients, simply by our expertise & skills in a preventative maintenance service. Everything related to car repair in Burbank, translates to us. Right from brake repair to auto A/C repair & tire services, we’ve mastered the skills like an experienced surgeon at work. So, when it comes to automobile preventative maintenance services in Burbank, CA, we’re a trusted name in this town.

    Our core service areas are auto AC unit repair, engine overhaul, tuneups and transmission services to name a few. Complete car maintenance in Burbank has achieved a new dimension with our credible expertise in overall vehicle maintenance, be it personal cars or fleet of trucks and vans. We offer full servicing & maintenance for luxury cars, sedans, hatchbacks, mini trucks, SUVs and pick-up vans.

    We’ve a team of highly skilled Burbank mechanics that specialize in transmission services and tune-ups as required in a vehicle. One such area is preventative maintenance where we perform servicing of automobiles after 30k, 60k & 90k miles.

    15-Point Oil Change Service

    Following this particular method of car inspection & regular fluid change can keep your vehicle in a healthy state.

    Battery Installation

    Battery fluid is prone to evaporation due to neglect, so periodic change & maintenance is required regularly.

    Filter Replacement

    Clean & new air filter is a requisite for helping the intake air stay cool or warm, as and when required.

    Check Engine Light Service

    Checking for car engine light is essential to prevent any serious malfunction or trouble while driving.

    30,000 Mile Maintenance

    Probably the first major servicing after buying a vehicle, that inspects aspects of engine & brake functioning.

    60,000 Mile Maintenance

    Includes an extensive inspection of all major components of a car, viz; brake fluid, clutch, engine, steering, AC, etc.

    90,000 Mile Maintenance

    Involving a complete and rigorous overhaul of the car engine, and replacement all faulty parts & accessories.

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    For queries related to auto servicing

      A Preventative Maintenance for a Smooth Vehicle Functioning

      It is always advised by our experts to go for preventative maintenance in Burbank, CA, after a year or when your car has clocked a certain mileage. This helps in a smooth and unhindered performance for your old vehicle which was in need of some kind of extensive overhaul, repair and maintenance of its critical parts and components.

      One such service looks after almost all the vital aspects of a vehicle, be it the transmission, hydraulics, wheels, tires, pumps, rotors, motors, belts, ignition systems, fluid levels, fan, radiator, etc. With our Burbank preventative maintenance, you can be rest assured that your old vehicle would run smooth and effortlessly, just like a new car out of the showroom or factory. It is by fully replacing all the faulty parts and repairing the minor damaged auto components.

      In this particular service, we repair engines, check light issues, replace brake oil, air filter, rotor, timing chain or cambelt, check tire pressure, ensure proper wheel alignment and perform full car diagnostics for finding out any major or minor issues. We also perform dent repair services, full body paint job, new light installation and perform tire retreading services. We also replace ABS systems, brake shoes, brake calipers & brake pads, if required.

      Automotive Maintenance Workshops in Burbank, CA

      Our Burbank auto repair facility is among the few that incorporates the latest technological innovation in the area of car servicing, preventative maintenance & repair. We employ some of the highly trained and skilled tradesmen and mechanics in every department. We’ve got welders, fitters, turners and experienced machinists. They are experts in all kinds of automobile maintenance service, such as flat tire replacement, vehicle tune-ups and a host of others. This makes us different from other car repair shops in town. Our preventative maintenance services for 30k, 60k and 90k miles are like an ‘energy booster’ for your old vehicle. After a 90k miles service, your car gets a life extension of some sort.

      Call us anytime during the weekday working hours, for any queries related to comprehensive auto repair & car maintenance services in Burbank, CA, and we would answer all your relevant queries.

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