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Brake Service


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Auto Brake Repair & Maintenance In Burbank, CA

This is undoubtedly our forte. Very few can match our service and quality standards in Los Angeles county. When it comes to Burbank brake repair service & replacement, our workshop is the preferred choice. In southern California, Burbank Motor Works is a name synonymous with car brake service in Burbank, CA. Ours is a full-fledged car repair workshop, with all the modern facilities.

Burbank Motor Works have been serving customers for more than four decades now. Car owners find a ‘one-stop’ solution for all their automotive repair & maintenance needs here. Any type of brake repair Burbank service, we’re a phone call away. Call us on 818-848-1656 for knowing more about ABS brake repair or brake pad replacement service in Burbank, CA.

We offer technologically advanced solutions in the area of ABS brake repair service in Burbank, throughout the year. Rain or snow, our professionals are always there for your car safety needs. Why not have a chat over the phone.


Brake Pads

Repairing & replacing automobile brake pads that have worn out due to excessive and faulty braking.



Enhancing rotor performance for increased stability and traction control system in automobiles.


ABS Wheel Sensor

Our experts help prevent car wheel lock-up by frequently monitoring the ABS sensor mounted on wheels.


Brake Shoes

Replacing brake shoes of a drum brake that comprises brake drum, wheel brake cylinder & other mechanisms.



Using advanced tools for replacing worn out drums after every 100 kms. A ‘safety issue’ for all car owners.


Brake Rotors

Mechanics help sort out all issues by replacing the rotor that was making a squeaking & screeching noise.


Parking Breaks

Experts look into the functioning of emergency hand parking brakes that become loose after a few years.


Hydraulic Systems

Specialist intervention is required to repair & maintain car hydraulic systems for smooth transmission & ride quality.


Break Fluids

Ensuring smooth brake & clutch applications by regularly maintaining the brake fluid levels in your car.

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Disc, Drum and ABS Repair & Replacement Services

Our brake repair facility in Burbank CA, is among the few leading auto repair workshops in Los Angeles county that have set a new benchmark. Anything and everything related to car break repair is carried out in a technologically superior environment. Our professionals specialize in front disc brake repair and brake pad replacement service in Burbank, southern California.

These are just a couple of many services that are on offer at our car brake service Burbank CA workshop.