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Engine Services


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Engine Overhaul & Maintenance Services In Burbank

Our Burbank mechanics make your car engine speak and listen to your commands just like a disciplined student. In fact, the engine tuning and transmission is so seamless, it feels like spreading butter over your slice of bread while driving your car or truck. We do everything for you. Starting from brake fluid change to fan belt inspection & replacement, we are specialist doctors for your car engine. And, our auto repair shop in Burbank CA, is cut out for the task.

Anytime of the year, our workshop provides all types of auto engine repair & maintenance services in Burbank, CA. If it’s time for an oil change service in Burbank for your vehicle, or for that matter car engine tune-ups, Burbank Motor Works is the perfect choice.

Are you thinking about timing chain replacement or timing belt replacement Burbank, CA? Our Burbank auto repair shop is the ideal place to get your car, truck or minivan engine extensively overhauled in the most professional manner.

Drive Belt Inspection or Replacement

Replacing worn out & crack infested drive belts with a new one that has enhanced ribs for grip.

Fan Belt Inspection or Replacement

Mechanics perform all types of fan belt replacement services for trucks & vans that wear out frequently.

Serpentine Belt Inspection or Replacement

Automotive serpentine belt inspection & replacement is necessary for effortless automobile handling on roads.

Timing Belt Inspection or Replacement

Recommended after every 40,000-90,000 miles, or if there is a rattling noise or burning smell in the belt.

Heater Hose Inspection or Replacement

Excessive travel may result in heater hose wear out. This requires timely inspection & quality replacement.

Radiator Hose Inspection or Replacement

Made of reinforced synthetic rubber, it may require early replacement for the health of the engine & radiator.

Brake Fluid Change

Depending on the driving condition and performance of brakes, the fluid requires to be monitored and changed.

Differential Fluid Change

Essential to replace the differential fluid after a certain time, as this component distributes power to the wheels.

Power Steering Fluid Change

All present-day vehicles do require to change their power steering fluid to minimize steering stiffness & blockage.

Transmission Fluid & Filter

Automatic transmission fluid & filter change is required for proper lubrication that helps in enhanced performance.

Engine Flush and Fill Service

Required when your car engine has accumulated a huge amount of sludge after extensive mileage & running.

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A Car Engine Must Sound Smooth & Powerful

In order to achieve that rumble in a smooth manner, your car engine needs a high-degree of refinement. At Burbank Motor Works, we help achieve exactly that. It is carried out through a series of activities, viz; Burbank computer diagnostics, oil change service and engine tune-ups. Moreover, it involves all other aspects of car engine component overhaul, repair & replacement. It can be in the area of block, gear box, crank shaft, cam shaft, piston, and everything related to engine operation.

Talk with one of our experts in auto repairs in Burbank CA, and get a fair idea of how to go about with it.