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Some Signs That Indicate Your Car Engine Needs Repairs

Know about some warnings that speak of engine failure for your car

A car engine failure is never desirable for a vehicle owner. You could be rushing to attend an emergency meeting and an engine failure could disrupt your schedule. You cannot prevent an engine failure and it is bound to happen. However, the key will be to watch out for some early signs of engine failure, and then you can take the vehicle to an auto shop offering a car repair service in Burbank. You can bring the vehicle to our auto repair shop and we will address the engine problems.


We are Burbank Motor Works and have been offering repair and maintenance services to vehicles in this city. Let us now discuss some important signs that indicate that everything is not well with your car engine. Here are the details in brief.

Check engine light

Is the check engine light glowing at its best? It is not a good sign for a vehicle owner and it means that there are issues with your car engine. You must not panic, but rather get the engine checked. The problem could vary from a loose fuel cap to any major fault. You need to get it checked by a professional.

Is there smoke from the exhaust?

The modern four-wheelers give out cleaner emissions and it could always be a cause of worry if you find that the vehicle is leaving a trail of smoke from the exhaust. It is certainly an engine problem and if possible, you must try to identify the color of the smoke. If the color is black it means that there is fuel burning. A blue color smoke will indicate that oil is burning. You must instantly take it to an auto shop for repairs.

Frequent overheating of the engine

Is the engine of the car frequently overheating? Once again it is not a good sign and the engine will need repairs. If you constantly run an overheated engine, it could cause multiple problems. The situation could lead to a warped cylinder and this, in turn, will cause the coolant to leak. It should lead to the exhaust smoke scenario we discussed earlier.

Is the engine knocking?

Your car engine could be knocking and it is a cause of concern once again. This has happened because some air-fuel mixture has burned on its own. It was supposed to be ignited by a spark, but that did not happen. You could feel it in the form of frequent knocking sounds coming from the engine. It must be treated on an emergency basis or it could lead to costly repairs.


Oil patches

Did you notice oil patches on the ground while the car was in a parked state? There has perhaps been a gasket or oil pan leak and it needs instant attention. If you neglect this sign, it could damage the engine.


We have discussed some signs that indicate your car engine needs repairs and it is better that you treat the situation as an emergency. If you ignore the situation it may only escalate and so you must immediately bring your car to our auto shop. We will check the engine and do the necessary repairs.

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