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Things You Need to Know About Auto A/C Repair, Maintenance & Servicing

The air-conditioning unit or system of your car needs to be in a perfect shape, throughout the year. In fact, it requires proper maintenance and periodic servicing from expert mechanics in town. It involves the vent, blower unit and the cooling unit, including the compressor which is considered the heart of the AC system. And, as summer is fast approaching, you need to ensure that your car’s A/C is working fine. Here in Burbank, CA, there are a few registered auto service centers and car repair shops that work on all brands and makes of automobiles. So, you can consult with them, regarding your car’s A/C system, and whether it needs any maintenance or not. You also need to know the repair process, the time taken and the costs involved.


Does Your Car A/C Actually Needs a Repair Job?


Sometimes it becomes quite clear and evident from the abnormal noise, vibrations and lack of adequate cooling that your car’s A/C system needs an immediate repair. But, many times such signs & symptoms of A/C malfunctioning cannot be felt while driving. This is when you need to look for a certified Burbank auto repair shop or a car mechanic that can understand the problem with the A/C compressor or system, by making an accurate diagnosis. These are some of the common signs.


  • Constant damp and musty smell coming from the vents of the air-conditioning system.

  • The car interiors take longer time to cool, provide inadequate cooling, or nothing at all.

  • The glass windows take longer time to defrost, or do NOT defrost at all.

  • Frequent clicking noise and abnormal vibrations can be felt from the AC vent.

  • The fan suddenly stops working, when the car is moving or when the vehicle has come to a halt.

  • The AC vents blow hot air when the cooling mechanism is on, and vice-versa.


After looking into these prominent signs & symptoms regarding the cooling unit, you need to take your vehicle to an car repair workshop that excels in auto AC repair in Burbank, CA, and in many other areas. You also need to know about the main AC components, viz; the compressor, condenser, refrigerant, evaporator, expansion valve, blower unit, etc.


Car AC Repair Cost & Time


Any automotive A/C repair service can cost anything between $150 – $250, depending upon the extent of the damage caused to the cooling & heating unit. First, an inspection is carried out by dismantling the entire air-conditioning system, and by checking the fluid & gas (refrigerant) levels. Most of the issues are related to clogs and leaks in the hoses and transmission pipes, to & from the compressor. This can result in decreased performance levels, thus less cooling. Sometimes, leaking refrigerant gas can be very harmful for the environment, which needs to be fixed immediately. In fact, the main compressor repair of your car’s AC can be the most costly repair or maintenance job. It can cost anything between $600 – $1200, depending upon the make of the air-conditioning unit and the car. And, it can take roughly 4-5 hours to complete the repair work.


So, once you know about all these things pertaining to your car’s A/C unit, it becomes easier for you to bargain with your local auto repair shop in Burbank, CA, and sign a contract to repair & maintain your air-conditioning system, before the onset of summer. The Californian summers can be very hot, at times.